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get inspired by the world of flavours

Our Flavour Messengers indulge us with rich flavours from all around the world, including Poland.


Welcome to our world of flavours

It is not easy to create edible magic. You need inspiration. Sometimes you need to travel thousands of miles to remote and exotic places in order to learn new cultures.  It also happens, however, that there is no need to travel anywhere in order to discover something extraordinary because it is already available at arm's length. This is why we are inspired by typical Polish, regional, sometimes even forgotten and underestimated flavours. 


What we write about here is the inspiration we find both in remote and stone's-throw-away places. Why don't you taste it with us?  It is here where our travellers, the Flavour Messengers, describe their experiences with flavours and, hence, give us inspiration, not only the culinary one. Have a nice and inspiring reading!


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CAJU - Brasil in a nutshell

It grows on permanently green trees in South America, soaking up tropical sun of North-Western Brazil.  Although caju is not very common in Poland, it has been used for centuries by native Brazilians in cooking and natural traditional medicine.