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We can conduct needs analyses, optimise an offer, and market a product.


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Non-standard needs? Not a problem at all!

We are open to market needs. Our services are aimed at increasing values of the existing products, diversifying the existing product portfolio, as well as introducing new and unique solutions on the market. We provide support in dealing with technology-, legislation-, and marketing-related aspects on any stage of creating and implementing a new product.  We can conduct specialist sensoric research and consumer tests which will ensure our partners that their products will take consumers' fancy.


Taking technological capabilities and production capacity of your company, our flavour designers will make sure that your existing product reflects current market trends. There is a number of aspects which result in improving both the competitive advantage of your company and the market value of your products, e.g. decreasing sugar level in the product without affecting its taste, designing a new label according to current trends in design, or substituting artificial components with the natural ones.


We offer professional advice and support not only in extending but also modifying the existing product portfolio. Our R&D facilities allow us to formulate a substantial number of product proposals which reflect current market trends. Our experts not only demonstrate sound knowledge of the industry but also have unrivalled experience in food business. For this reason, they can provide professional support at any stage of product/company development. Additionally, we are widely experienced in establishing partnerships and merging companies.


We know how difficult and important it is to start manufacturing our compositions efficiently and successfully.  Our knowledge and experience allows us to support our customers in starting the production process and making it easier, quicker, and more effective.


We know that legislation is one of the most important elements of conceptualising and implementing a new product.  Our experts will walk you through the world of food law, provide you with professional advice and support in the legislation process at any stage of implementing your new product.  Our support involves, for instance, assigning a product to the right category and ascribing appropriate functions to it, getting legally required opinions, as well as designing labels meeting specific product standards.


We know that conscious creation of brand identity is of considerable importance in the process of marketing a new product or refreshing the existing one.  For this reason, the scope of our services includes also planning comprehensive marketing solutions and strategies: coining an attractive name, designing visual identity system, designing packaging, and developing marketing materials for all communication platforms.


We understand how significant it is to listen to your customers. If you do, your products will be far more successful.  The vast array of our services includes also: developing concepts of examining new products, trend analysis, and proven consumer research conducted by our professionally qualified partners. It is careful selection of the target group and conscious analysis of the acquired data that we pay particular attention to.


Before we market our products, we verify their flavour and quality with a selected group of testing customers.  We own an independent, well-equipped laboratory where we design, test, and apply flavours.  State-of-the-art analysers and cutting-edge equipment allows us to analyse composition, quality, and expiry date of the product.