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If you take first steps in the food industry, you can count on our knowledge, considerable experience, business contacts, as well as technical and research facilities.


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Brand Shop - the concept

Our Brand Shop is a unique outsourcing solution offered to companies which take their first steps in the higly competitive food industry. The solutions we offer allow our customers to reduce high costs involving acquisition of knowledge, purchase of technology and equipment needed to make your debut on the market.  Our experience as well as technical and research facilities allow us to create customised product concepts and product portfolios, which can be marketed immediately. As we have considerable knowledge of the market and follow micro-trends, we create comprehensive, tailor-made business solutions involving preparation of niche products and original taste combinations. We will create unique flavour of your product, provide components necessary to produce it, design a label, give you advice on legal issues, conduct consumer and market analyses, help you create brand awareness, as well as support you in identifying business and trade partners.