are the masters of narratives for your taste buds!

We get inspired by nature.  We develop unique sensor-based solutions, provide all components necessary for obtaining rich taste and aroma.


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What makes us different?

We know the magic behind the flavour. We get inspired by nature. We also create exquisite and unique compositions by combining flavours which do not occur in nature. We produce flavours and food colourings independently and, therefore, we can provide outstanding quality and wide availability of products.  Carefully-selected regional suppliers provide us with extracts and juices which we offer to our customers. The most unique and exotic ones are imported from the most secluded places in the world.


Designing our own flavours is our competitive advantage. Our flavour designers use products of the highest quality only. An extensive array of components makes it possible to mix raw materials and conjure up magical and sublime compositions which will be as natural as you want. Our flavours range from well-known and easily recognisable fruity flavours to refined and exquisite compositions. Our objective is to enchant our customers with extensive selection of unique products.


Our extracts are rich in flavour and, due to this, they provide endless possibilities for creating original compositions based either on Polish aromatic herbs or exotic plants growing in the most remote parts of the world. Regardless of the source, the raw materials we use are always of superior quality and purity. We cooperate with proven and professionally qualified suppliers only. Our extracts are used not only for creating unique food flavours but also for emphasizing the functions they serve. It is therefore possible to give food a natural colour.


We work exclusively with concentrates, juices, pulps, and fruit puree of superior quality.

Our concentrates are made of juicy and well-known top-quality Polish fruits of the earth. If you love exotic flavours and enjoy the smell of fruits ripening in the yellow sun of the most remote places in the world, we definitely have something for you. Concentrates of superior quality and purity, delicious fruit puree and pulps are imported from reliable and highly-qualified suppliers only.  If need be, we can either contact you with a proven supplier or import product components meeting all your needs on your behalf. 


We will help you select the right colouring which will accurately reflect the nature and character of your product. In order to make application easier, we can also produce custom-made colouring seasoning. The colourings we offer are produced in a natural way. What is applied in the manufacturing process are carefully selected, natural components and colourings. Apart from the above, we also offer synthetic colourings which allow for obtaining durable, highly intense colours emphasising specific features of a product.


We aim at repetitive manufacturing in which each part of production is equally balanced and made with particular care. All components are kept in perfect proportions. Carefully developed bases will result in the flavour of your product meeting requirements of the most demanding customers.  To meet our customers' needs, we can compose bases consisting of flavours, colourings, concentrates, juices, and functional components and/or extracts.